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Nbstarlite China Mechanical Parts Will Not Disappointe

Advantages and Characteristics of Automobile Press Parts;

1. Easy to recycle

Auto stamping parts use recyclable materials to reduce material types and facilitate recycling.

2, reduce the car weight

Plastic materials of automobile stamping parts replace metal materials to reduce vehicle weight, save fuel and consumption.

3, the use of new materials

Some new materials, such as LEF-PP, have been used instead of metal and traditional engineering materials, which are green and environmentally friendly and save energy consumption.


Nbstarlite, as a professional supplier of China Mechanical Parts, with many years of operation experience, I believe we will not be disappointed.

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Automobile Press Parts Welding Knowledge Introduction

The welding of connecting pieces generally adopts the installation process of "embedded parts+connecting plate+stainless steel pendant" or "embedded parts+connecting plate+steel keel+stainless steel pendant" to fix stone.  The embedded parts have been completed during the structural construction.  It is particularly important to ensure the welding quality of embedded parts, connecting plates and keels and the firmness and durability of external finishes.  Nbstarlite Welding Parts Suppliers will give you the following requirements:

Clean the joint before welding, and there shall be no oil stain or rust around the weld.  During welding construction, embedded plates, connectors, section steel, welding rods and welding current with the same thickness shall be taken as welding specimens with the same conditions under the witness of the owner's site representative and the supervisor, and shall be sent to the quality supervision and inspection department for inspection.

During formal welding, the welding speed of Automobile Press Parts shall be correctly mastered, and constant speed welding shall be required to ensure uniform thickness and width of welding seams.  Welding procedures shall be implemented for arc length (3mm), welding angle (offset to angle steel side), arc striking and arc stopping.  After removing slag, conduct self-inspection on appearance and weld seam size, and confirm that there is no problem before transferring the site to continue welding.

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Energy-saving Development Of Automobile Press Parts

At present, there is also a great demand for large and medium-sized plastic molds for internal and external accessories. China's automobile and motorcycle industries are developing rapidly, with a market capacity of more than 70 billion yuan per year. However, the manufacturing capacity of large-scale precision molds in China is difficult to meet the demand.  Next, NBSTARLITE, a professional Welding Parts Suppliers, will analyze the future development of this industry for everyone.

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, plastic products have gradually penetrated into the automobile and motorcycle industry. With the improvement of plastic products and their molding technology and process, the application of plastic products in the automobile and motorcycle industry will become more common and will inevitably lead to the great development of automobile and motorcycle molds.

The application of Automobile Press Parts and motorcycle plastic products has developed from ordinary decorative parts to structural parts and functional parts.  The use of plastic raw materials has also expanded from ordinary plastics to composite materials or plastic alloys with higher heel height and better impact resistance.


The amount of plastic products used for automobiles and motorcycles can reflect the development level of a country's automobile and motorcycle industry.  The development of high-tech large-scale precision automobile and motorcycle cover molds and large and medium-sized plastic molds for interior and exterior trim parts is an important work for China's automobile and motorcycle molds in the future.

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The Main Material Of Automobile Press Parts

Plastic is gradually taking a dominant position in Automobile Press Parts. Plastic can be processed and formed at one time, with short processing time and guaranteed accuracy.  The elastic deformation characteristics of plastic products can absorb a large amount of collision energy, have a large buffer effect on strong impact, and play a protective role on vehicles and passengers.  Plasticized instrument panels and steering wheels are used in modern automobiles to enhance cushioning.  The front and rear bumpers and body trim strips are made of plastic materials to reduce the impact force of objects outside the vehicle on the body.  Plastic also has the function of absorbing and attenuating vibration and noise, which can improve riding comfort.  Plastic has strong corrosion resistance and will not corrode if damaged locally.  Different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners are added to produce plastics with required properties to meet the application requirements of different parts on the vehicle.  More conveniently, the plastic color can be mixed with different colors through additives, thus saving the trouble of painting.  Some plastic parts can also be electroplated.

On the other hand, the special appearance and size requirements of injection-molded parts of automobile stamping parts have raised the development threshold and risks of automobile injection-molded parts.

With the rise of lightweight automobiles, more and more stamping parts are used.  Developed countries regard the amount of plastic used for automobiles as an important indicator to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing. German automobile plastic accounts for 15% of the total materials.  In recent years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly. At present, the annual output of automobiles exceeds 4 million. According to foreign trends, the annual use of modified plastics in the automobile industry will exceed 500,000 tons, of which engineering plastics account for a large proportion and are applied to various parts of automobiles.


As a professional Welding Parts Suppliers, nbstarlite has many years of experience in this field. With our years of accumulation in the market, I believe it will not disappoint you. If you are interested, please leave us a message.

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Painting Of Automobile Press Parts

Stamping parts for automobiles generally refer to metal shells of automobiles, which are usually made of steel plates. On the basis of ensuring certain strength, minimizing weight is the basic requirement for them.  In addition to protecting and beautifying, stamping parts for automobiles are also the main carriers for automobiles to bear gas resistance.  Therefore, the quality and service life of Automobile Press Parts not only affect the appearance of the automobile, but also increase the air resistance to the automobile due to quality and deformation, thus reducing its economy.

Painting process steps of automobile stamping parts:

(1) First primer.

Filling the sand mark and micropore of the bottom layer of the workpiece, increasing the adhesion of the coating of the lower layer, and also having defect indication function.

(2) prime coat.

For the important coating part, prepare a complete and smooth working surface for the top coat, increase the adhesion of the intervening layer and have a certain isolation effect after finishing all primer work, so as to ensure the quality stability of the top coat.

(3) topcoat.

Topcoat is divided into single-layer paint and multi-layer paint. It is the color determining layer and decorative protective layer. Single-layer paint is commonly known as plain paint, also known as common paint, and can be completed in one layer.  The multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl series paint. It is divided into double-layer paint and multi-layer paint. Silver powder paint is made of special aluminum material through grinding, which has high protection, outdoor stability and strong observability. Pearl series paint is made of mica sheet, shell and other materials through high-tech extraction. It is a high-quality paint with rich colors and strong decoration.


In the excellent design of automobile stamping parts, every detail should have its design reason, and the various performances of the automobile body assembly and its single piece should be considered comprehensively.  As a professional and reliable Welding Parts Suppliers, nbstarlite, with its rich experience accumulated in the market for many years, welcomes all customers who need to contact us.

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How To Maintain Plastic Injection Parts Mold

Stamping part processing mainly uses stamping equipment to make the plate into the desired shape under the action of pressure in the die.  It can be seen here that the die is also an important part of Stamping Parts processing. We should carefully maintain the die in order to make it play its own role.

Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of the mold is to wait for the mold to cool before cleaning the mold, spraying antirust agent, closing the mold, and then storing the plastic machine under the mold regulations.

When Plastic Injection Parts are used normally, it is better not to clean the mould beforehand, so as to avoid increasing the production cost due to a large number of mould cleaning agents. The wish of the end user is that the antirust oil on the mould can be taken away when making the first product only at a very low mould temperature, and the surface of the product punched after the precision parts are processed will not be stuck with the residual antirust agent on the mould, thus avoiding a lot of waste.

Transparent mold rust inhibitors are classified into waxy and oily rust inhibitors. Let's make a comparison first. The disadvantage of oily transparent mold rust inhibitors is that they are basically non-drying when sprayed, and a layer of oil will cause local rust marks in case of erasure. Some products still flow and have short rust prevention period.


The wax transparent mould rust inhibitor is sprayed with a layer of dense semi-dry protective soft film, which integrates the five functions of corrosion prevention, rust prevention, dehumidification, lubrication and strong permeability. The super permeability and adsorbability can form unique moisture and air replacement components on the mould surface and various metal surfaces, effectively prevent various unfavorable factors from corroding the metal surface, and realize long-term and comprehensive corrosion prevention and rust prevention of the mould.

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Introduction To Welding Technology Of Welding Parts Suppliers

Capacitor discharge stud welding is a mature technology that has been used for more than 50 years. The wide range of uses and applications appeals to those seeking a fast, simple and versatile process. As a professional Welding Parts Suppliers, today nbstarlite will introduce the technology of capacitor discharge stud welding.

Laser welding uses an ignition tip formed at the end of the laser stud to create an arc. The stud welder stores energy in a capacitor ... hence the name ... When welding starts, the stored energy passes through the ignition tip and reaches the end of the welding stud welding head. Just like the old glass fuse in your grandma's house, the ignition head burns because of excessive current, resulting in an arc.

The arc discharge process will melt the welded end of the fastener and a local point on the weld metal. The molten surface is then pushed together by the spring in the stud welding gun.

As a professional supplier of mechanical parts and accessories, nbstarlite's Automobile Press Parts have maintaine

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